Appreciate Your Life – Be MIndful

Being mindful of the many good things in your life takes a conscious effort. It’s so easy to be negative and focus on fearful thoughts. In this way, we attempt to stay prepared for trouble. However, worrying is simply negative planning and does not solve anything. When you find yourself living in a future that doesn’t exist yet, remember this: in this moment, you are safe. You are fed. You are held. There is at least one person who thinks of you lovingly

Getting trapped in the negative cycle of worrisome thoughts is a common symptom of depression and anxiety. Changing negative thought patterns is the most common issue I treat and responds well to Cognitive Therapy (CBT). You can see changes often within the first few visits. I will teach you to catch and then challenge your negative thoughts using various techniques. Let’s get started!


Five Ways to Appreciate Your LIfe

1) Stop and breathe in deeply. Hold for a few seconds, then breathe out slowly. Mentally watch the air flow.

2) Visualize breathing IN sparkling, clean healthy air. Visualize breathing OUT the black cloud of stress.

3) Take time to look around and cherish the vibrating aliveness of nature all around you.

4) Keep a Gratitude List. Count the small things you take for granted: your feet that take you where you want to go, the eyes that let you feast on beauty.

5) Realize that THIS moment never comes again!