Habits of Successful People: How Many do YOU Have?

1. Successful people have  a SPIRITUAL OR MEDITATIVE PRACTICE

2. They EXERCISE in some form  on a regular basis

3. Successful people try for HEALTHY EATING habits

4. Successful people get plenty of SLEEP

5. They reach out and CONNECT WITH OTHERS

6. Successful people strive for BALANCE in all things

7. Successful people  ASK FOR HELP when they are faced with a challenging problem or situation

Success in life encompasses MUCH more than finances! Relationships, health, peace of mind, the ability to give and receive all contribute to a successful time on earth. If one of your “life areas” is out of balance, then all the money or health in the world won’t make up for it. Successful people can be happy alone as well as with a mate. (Psychology Today)

I have the greatest admiration for people who bring their lives to therapy. For those willing to invest their time and resources, you can experience the most deeply rewarding changes of your life. I can help you learn to say “no” when needed, help you recover from painful breakups, parent your children, overcome depression, and many other issues.